Unspoken Stories | What is it all about?

The next creative venture on the Fetherstone journey is a new series called "Unspoken Stories", which will see me travelling around the UK to collect stories from friends and strangers alike. I will then travel back to London to write (or co-write) a song that brings that story to life, work on a recording, release the track then travel back to that city to perform the song. 

It's an ambitious concept, I know, but something that I am really interested in. I want to engross myself in someone else's experience of life, their struggles, their revelations, the loss and love that makes them grow and see the world the way they do. I also had a thought a year or so ago that writing about myself all the time just doesn't feel like a good way to share my creative energy, I am very aware the world doesn't revolve around me and want my art to express that.

Some of the finer details:

🎫 The first song from this series is called "Ticket to You" and was written about a story submitted from a 7 years girl in London who visited Jimi Hendrix's old house. It was co-written with my music buddies Henry Mitton and Alex Gillespie in London, it is currently being recorded and produced with Luke Brooking and it will be released in August/September 2018. The release will also be accompanied by a launch show in London to celebrate the beginning of this project! I'll let you know when I have the date so you can put it in your diary 😉.

👯 Another really exciting part of this project is collaboration. Each story will be passed on to another artist who creates in another art medium, so they can interpret the story in their own way. I love the idea of that all these stories will be absorbed differently depending on the person viewing/listening and the medium of art. We all interpret things differently and my intention is that another medium of art will open up the doors to someone who maybe couldn't connect with it on a sonic/musical level.

📡This first song will be followed by 3 other stories from 3 new cities in the UK, 3 tracks written and released by the end of the year and the creation of a vinyl EP with all 4 songs to distribute to your lovely selves. I LOVE VINYL so I am pretty stoked about this. This is just instalment I of this project, "Unspoken Stories" instalment II will unfold throughout 2019. 

If you want to submit a story, you can email me at fetherstonemusic@gmail.com, either send it in written form or if you'd like to tell me in person, let's get coffee! 

That's it for now. Can't wait to share more with you soon. 


Briana Cowlishaw