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Finally, the psychedelic whirlwind is here "All You Need To Be - Brew Remix"
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This Friday is the release of the new single “All You Need To Be - Brew Remix”. This is a remix of a song I wrote in 2016, which was released as a piano ballad on my debut EP in 2017, produced by Harry Tarlton. I then met and started working with Luke Brooking (aka BREW) earlier this year; a super creative human, live sound engineer, dedicated producer and extremely open co-collaborator. This is where this single was born. I then contacted a graphic designer from Sydney, Design by Studio B to ask if she could create abstract visuals for the track that told the story of the lyrics. And that’s where the music video was born. 


Luke has a cute little studio space in Clapham that we meet at semi regularly, we don’t really look at the clock, we spend a lot of time discussing what we should do with our lives, we go for coffee/coconut macaroon breaks on a regular basis (probably too regular)… but in between all that, we just play. We experiment with ideas, different sounds, directions the music can go with a very open/non-judgemental approach, in the hope we might find something we weren’t expecting. That’s why I love working with Luke. You can suggest the most ludicrous idea, try it, laugh it off and move on. It’s a very comforting creative space to be in.


We have made a little playlist for you to share a few of the tracks and vibes that influenced the track -


I wrote this song after an extremely emotional down day. We all have them. We all know what it feels like to doubt ourselves. But this was a particularly epic down day that shook me to my core and made me really see the damage that being overly self critical can do. We don’t live in the easiest time for confidence building, with social media comparisons driving us all nuts and into the ‘i am never enough' hole… and that hole just seems to keep getting deeper. We all have different crevices we fall into, but for me, that hole always seems to drift in the direction of body image doubts, and it’s something I have struggled with for a long time. 

I was walking home in tears and when I got home, walked straight over to my piano to write this song. I guess you could say it was my ‘higher thinking’ voice speaking to my superficial ego or something. It was telling me that life’s too short to be ridiculously tough on ourselves to the point where we actually poison our ability to be creative, open, present and .. feel joy. We don’t deserve the harsh words we say to ourselves so hafharzadly, even though in some twisted way we somehow think these worlds will drive us to do more, get off our asses and become more ‘beautiful/successful/worthy’, whatever those things mean to you. They won’t, because negativity only brews more negativity. 

I think it’s an important thing to be aware of and a topic we should talk about openly. We could all do with celebrating our small successes more often, patting ourselves on the back for the effort we put in, rather than the result that comes from it, and embracing our differences, what makes us who we are. Because what on earth are we doing here otherwise. There are beautiful things to appreciate at every corner of the earth (including ourselves and other people), but we won’t see it if we are caught up judging ourselves. 

You are all beautiful. You are all wonderful. You don’t see what others see, you are are all we need to be.


I have a huge interest in visual art. I grew up with an artistic grandmother, who is now a 94 year old print maker still making art and holding exhibitions, she’s a pretty great inspiration (look her up - Edith Cowlishaw). I did visual art at school and love the way different forms of art make you feel and understand things differently. I wanted to find a way for people to be able to take in meaning of this song in a different way, rather than just words. Sometimes words don’t really show the depth of the way we feel and we made these visuals in the hope to engross people in a visual journey of growing beauty. The video starts of black and white and slowly reveals more colour as the track moves forward, representing the way our beauty is always present but we just need to learn to see it. Bianca (Design by Studio B) did a fabulous job and taking this concept on board and helping to bring this whole thing to life. Go check her out, say hi and follow her.